Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why don't I hear sound? (iPhone and iPad)
Metamorphabet does have audio. However, you may have set your iPad or iPhone to "silent" mode accidentally. Not all apps (including videos) respect silent mode, so it can be hard to know if your device is muted.

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to view and change the mute setting.

2. Check for the silent switch on the side of your device.

3. If you are still not hearing sounds, this link may help.

Q: Why can't I access all the letters?
Don't worry — Metamorphabet contains all 26 letters.
The first time you play through, each letter "unlocks" when you find all the words in the previous letter. For example, if you want to visit G, you need to find all the words in F. When you've found them, a star will appear in the upper right corner — that means the next letter is unlocked.

Q: I'm stuck on a letter and can't advance!
If you find yourself unable to "complete" a letter, try playing around with whatever is on the screen. Tap, drag, flick things around, and something will eventually happen! You'll know a letter is complete when the star appears in the upper right corner.

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